Nirvana, the word itself means enlightenment. With the use of advanced technology and people’s demand for innovation, we strive to define ourselves with each growing and successful year. We manufacture lighting to suit every mood, every need, be it dim interiors to bring in the peace or cozy factor or bright lights to suit the ambience to suit a party or corporate event. Our customers have appreciated our efforts and our wide range of variety in lights and lamps color, temperature and textures. The icing of the cake is, we are prompt in our service and delivery to our customers – a must in today’s fast-paced world.

Our company headquarters is located at Mumbai, along with the manufacturing and designing taking place in Mumbai itself. Apart from our lighting products, we also provide integrated lighting solutions. We do this by collaborating with the ‘best in the industry’ architects, designers, contractors and interior designers. Why? Simple. To provide you with the best in quality, the best in designs, the best in price. Besides these, our consistency in being available is something that is always talked off. We are always there for our customers.

Our highly skilled and experienced team and our collaborations with the specialists in the industry have been the guiding factor for our success. We promise to deliver amazing quality products at very effective prices and that’s what we do.


NIRVANA was established in the year 2011 with a vision of offering the best quality of luminaries at a cost effective price. It was started as a family business which later went on to have collaborations with the best of architects, creative and budding interior designers and other technicians.

Our company has gradually expanded and started offering integrated lighting solutions as well. We wish to offer easy and quality assured solutions to small scale as well as large scale houses, hotels, offices, public buildings, retail and hospitality environment.



Our mission is to be the best luminary company, first at a National level and later go on to achieve this at an International level as well. We wish to keep our products as cost effective as possible, so that there comes a time when no Indian lives in a house without lights. And this light, “The Indian Light” is spread worldwide. We wish to illuminate India across the globe.

We see ourselves, growing at heights that every Indian aspires to achieve. To deliver the best at affordable prices. To work out and reach maximum people possible, so that every Indian’s home is lightened with NIRVANA lights.